60 Minutes by Frank Lini

Born Frank Starks in Ft. Myers, Fla., Frank has been fighting to survive the wretched city streets

of “Lil Pakistan” for the vast majority of his life. Hustling since he was a youngster, he was

constantly in and out of trouble and spent his adolescent years revolving through juvenile

corrections facilities.

His life began to change, however, when he began making homemade rap tapes with friends.

He adopted his stage name “Lini” to pay homage to his native Lee County.

“When I first started rapping, it was a way for me to channel all of my frustrations into music,”

Lini remembers. “It was so easy because I just let that voice inside of me speak.”

While recording his debut album I’m All In in the summer of 2006, he was arrested and began a three-year legal battle which resulted in jail time and probation. Although that run-in with the law was a major setback, it also provided him with an opportunity to reach even deeper into the streets and even further solidify a strong fan base in Florida.

The album was released in December 2007 on independent label Tohilh Music Group and quickly became the streets’ Bible. Frank’s gritty delivery and pain-filled lyrics on runaway singles such as “I Ain’t Friendly” and “I’m All In” prompted the streets to rally around him as unofficial govenor of Ft. Myers.

By the time of the follow-up album Green Light dropped, Frank gained the attention of industry artist and tastemakers like

Tony Neal (CORE DJs)

Bigga Rankin (vice president of CTE, Cool Runnings DJs)

Rick Ross (Mayback/ Def Jam artist).

Akon (Konvict Music South)

Frank was nominated by Hood

magazine as the 2007 Underground Album of the Year and secured a feature appearance on Maybach Music Group

Triple Cs 2009 album Custom Cars & Cycles on single “Throw Em In the Sky,” which was also

featured on He was also selected to be featured in Ozone magazine’s Patiently

Waiting section and received a Duval Diamond Award for his relentless grind.

Now, Frank Lini is back like he never left. He has been steadily gaining new fans and keeping the streets duly satisfied. And he

is sure to make his presence with his forthcoming mixtape

Hoodstar this year.

“My ultimate goal is to take over this rap game,” says Lini. “I won’t follow the beaten path. I’m a trailblazer so instead of following anybody, I choose to hold out and wait for the world to catch up to what I’m doing down here in Florida. Better opportunities are on the horizon.”

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